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About Us

BioFer UK came alive to offer an eco-friendly and bio alternative fertilisation in the United Kingdom.


Whether we are talking about our beloved flowers, plants or growing our own vegetables and fruits, it is essential to feed them with quality, organic and healthy food. If we do so, they will be grateful, bringing a smile on our face with their beautiful flowers and also will be our pleasure to taste the true flavour of nature.

“Grena Matrix” provides an ultimate fertilisation plan with its unique content of amino acids and essential elements. In the name of food cycle, don’t waste the gift of nature but use the animal leftovers to bring them back in life as it`s naturally happening for thousands of years now. The plants are evolutionary living in symbiotic relation with the root zone micro-organisms.

Using organic fertiliser we are feeding the plants just like the micro-organisms and they will also feed, protect and stimulate your plants.

Over fertilisation is a serious problem in our present days, but we can and we need to fight against it. Long term application of high dosage of fertilisers causing damage to the soil and to the living micro-organisms as well. Without them, plants are losing nutritional value and resistance against environmental stress and pathogens. As a consequence, farmers are using higher dosage and more aggressive pesticides which then circulates back to our body.

Take the first step and read more about our products to see how you can save your soil and bring the most out of your plants.