Spring is the time to start the lawn care in your garden.

After winter, lawn Is actively growing and requires feeding, moss-management, weeding and regular mowing.

Proper feeding is essential in order to maintain vigour.

Regular maintenance is the best way to approach a lawn, and may avoid the need for renovation later on.

Organic topdressing increases your lawn health and beauty in your garden using less chemicals or synthetic fertiliser. Less chemical, more living soil! 

Organic topdressing supports your lawn recover from soil compaction, nutrient deficiency and water or heat stress.

Our recommendation is to sprinkle about 5-6kg / 100m2 after mowing or aeration 2 or 3 times in a year.

Using GRENA ULTRA MICRO on your lawn you`ll get the following benefits:

  • Provides stress resistance

  • Strong and even blades

  • Well-developed root system

  • Long lasting effect between each distribution

GRENA ULTRA MICRO is the new generation of organic fertilisers. The high content of amino acids, organic carbon and micro elements significantly affect the plant`s lifecycle, speed up the absorption of nutrients and help to fight against the stressful environment.

During the fertilisation GRENA ULTRA MICRO helps to reduce the level of salt in the soil which is essential for grass wellbeing. This way Grena Ultra is perfect to bring your old lawn back to life or prepare the soil bed for the new layer of grass. Due to the size and shape of GRENA ULTRA MICRO (2mm micro pellets), it`s easy to apply. Always distribute the pellets after cutting or aeration the grass and they will stick between the blades and roots, meaning when you mow again they will not be removed.

With the slow release properties of GRENA ULTRA MICRO, treatment is only required every 4-5 months.

Following the application, root system will develop, the yellow colour caused by the water stress will quickly disappear. Your lawn will be even and stress resistant through the year.

Once treated by GRENA ULTRA MICRO, your old lawn will come back to life again. Use GRENA ULTRA MICRO as an elixir for getting your garden young and green again.


  • Over dosing will not cause phytotoxicity, GRENA ULTRA MICRO does not contain any artificial additives.

  • Use 2-3 times a year – always after cutting and/or aeration 5-6kg / 100m2

  • During soil preparation 5-6kg / 100m2  - burry 2-3cm deep.